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Family Taunting Brooklyn Nets with '' Looking to Sell Domain Name
Keh reports that the website, long hailed as a monument to “trolling” the Brooklyn Nets, is owned by Jane Hill, a former photographer and telecom businesswoman living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Hill, 69, says she purchased “” in 1996 for $20,000.

Canadian band Tea Party may sell domain name to political group
A Canadian rock band called Tea Party are looking to sell their website domain name. The group may sell their band's homepage domain,, to the US political organisation of the same name, which has rapidly garnered support over the past few years. owner wants $650,000 for domain name
Brian Busch, the owner of a used car dealership in South Dakota -- and lifelong fan of the NFL's Rams -- owns the domain name. Busch, who has owned the domain since 1997, told me Wednesday he'd be willing to sell the name to the NFL and ...

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