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Mobi Domain Name Register News

Dot Mobi Domains Fail To Register With Indians
... t being used – big brands have registered to protect their brand name, and then there must have been domainers. I really don’t see the point of registering a dot mobi domain when one automatically ...

'Land Rush' Begins for .MOBI Domains
Beginning now, anybody who can provide proof of trademark and country of trademark origin can register for a domain, if it promises to use that name for small device-oriented Web sites only. Since ICA...

".Mobi" mobile domain names snapped up by speculators are now all but worthless
He's working with Pompano Beach, Fla.-based domain registrar Moniker to auction off about 50 to 100 of his mobi names later this year. "The whole domain market went down, just like the economy," Sandu...

Mobile TLD .mobi Open to Public Registrations
You can now have our own .mobi domain name. As of today, registration of .mobi domains is open to the general public at $25 for two years. The debate as to whether or not we need another top level dom...

Cerkle Enlists .mobi for Social Networking Domain
They can register for a personal .mobi domain at either the Cerkle ... is leading the development of Internet usage from mobile phones with the .mobi domain name. Unique among domain name providers, d... Worth $1.5 Million At Auction
Solares, a 35-year-old Internet entrepreneur, was one of about 300 bidders attending an auction in Hollywood for domain names. Within minutes of making the day's highest bid, Solares was registering . ...

Nigeria gains 1,591 new .ng domain names
The registration of Nigeria domain name ... 1,738 (1.9 per cent and 996 (1.1 per cent), respectively. Others of such domain zones are,,,, and, all of wh...

mTLD Announces .Mobi Launch Date
mTLD has announced the launch date for the .mobi domain name, along with all the other hoopla that accompanies the launch of domain names these days. “The rollout will commence with the “Sunrise Regis...

Demand Media's Last Hope For Making Money Is With New Generic Top-Level Domains
But in the world of domain names, new releases often see short-lived success before stopping to a halt. Anyone remember .mobi, .name ... similarly as colleges and universities went to register their s...

CORRECTING and REPLACING 5 Afilias Top Level Domains Now Licensed for Sale in China
The corrected release reads: 5 AFILIAS TOP LEVEL DOMAINS NOW LICENSED FOR SALE IN CHINA ... with our Chinese registrar partners to expand the market with our broad portfolio of globally recognized TLD...

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