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Trademark owners rush to register .africa domains
... top-level Internet domain has attracted almost a thousand registrations by trademark owners, placing it in the top 10 worldwide for the number of domain name reservations during the sunrise phase ...

What's Abusive in Registering Domain Names, and the Reverse?
when a domain name is registered by the respondent before the complainant's relied-upon trademark right is shown to have been first established, the registration of the domain name would not have been ...

Are you operating within the right domain?
proper due diligence is conducted to ensure that the registration of said domain name would not amount to an infringement of another person's trademark. Our Trade Marks Act defines a trade -mark as an...

Law firm “careless” in filing cybersquatting dispute against domain
The Complainant submits that the Respondent is in the business of registering and passively holding ... ninety-eight percent of which are undeveloped. Some of these domain names incorporate the tradem...

The Ins And Outs Of Registering And Protecting Your Business Domain
Registering your company domain isn’t as simple as typing out the ... Unless you have a legally registered trademark and copyright claims to your company name, it is going to be a long, hard, uphill b...

Prince's Estate Wants Alleged Cybersquatter To 'Gett Off'
The owner’s previous behavior regarding registration or acquisition of “multiple domain names” they knew were “identical or confusingly similar” to registered trademarks or “dilutive of famous marks o...

Delhi HC restrains firm from using 'Limeroad' trademark
and all other acting through them or on their behalf are restrained from using the plaintiff's trademark LIMEROAD as well as its composite marks, in any manner whatsoever." It also directed domain nam...

Preventing IDN homograph attacks from harming your brand/reputation
Scammers and phishers have been actively exploiting IDNs to register domains that ... like scanning the web looking for your logo or trademarks, looking at spam traps for look-alike domain names, and ...

New Domain Name Options Could Spell Disaster For Trademark Owners
Currently, trademark owners have two remedies against users who register confusingly similar domain names which could potentially divert consumers to online "knock-off" websites of major trademarked b...

URS Panelist: “Complainant’s business may be worldwide but it is not out of this world”
The registrant had every right to register the disputed domain name, as having a trademark for one category of goods or services, does not enable a trademark owner to monopolize a common term. As such ...

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